giovedì, marzo 26, 2015

Esther Williams, the beauty of ocean and the organic beauty products

Esther Jane Williams (August 8, 1921 – June 6, 2013) was an American competitive swimmer and actress.

From 1945 to 1949, Williams had at least one film listed among the 20 highest grossing films of the year. In 1952, Williams appeared in her only biographical role, as Australian swimming star Annette Kellerman in Million Dollar Mermaid, which went on to become her nickname while at MGM.

Williams left MGM in 1956 and appeared in a handful of unsuccessful feature films, followed by several extremely popular water-themed television specials, including one from Cypress Gardens, Florida.

Bathing Beauty was Hollywood’s first swimming movie, and it created a new genre that was perfectly suited to Esther’s beauty and athletic skills. A special 90-foot square, 20-foot deep pool was

lunedì, marzo 23, 2015

Organic skin care, natural and organic products: a definition.

What are the benefits of organic skin care for our health and to protect our body from pollution ?

The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. Specific requirements must be met and maintained in order for products to be labeled as "organic."

Organic crops must be grown in safe soil, have no modifications, and must remain separate from conventional products. Farmers are not allowed to use synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMOs), petroleum-based fertilizers, and sewage sludge-based fertilizers.

Organic livestock must have access to the outdoors and be given organic feed. They may not be given

sabato, marzo 07, 2015

Put some green on your head

"Put some green on your head"

Do you love Nature?

Do you think that organic products are useful to protect the environment?

Do you think that pollution is a danger for our health?

Participate to public awareness "Put some green on your head".

From 21th until 28th March put some green on your head (a green braid, a hat, a bow, a ribbon o some else green) and show to the world your love of nature.

Happy green week to everybody!

giovedì, marzo 05, 2015

The passion of Rita Hayworth and organic makeup

Glamorous and talented, she gave us many wonderful moments on the stage and screen and delighted audiences from the time she was a young girl.

Rita Hayworth was the epitome of Hollywood glamour and allure, a stunningly beautiful actress and dancer.

She was sophisticated but she loved simplicity, such as organic makeup.

Elegance is simple.

The charm of Audrey Hepburn and the natural skin care

Hepburn was made to play the innocent or the princess—or the willful young lady in need of a wizened older man to save her from herself.

She is the perfect combination of style and elegance.

Such as the organic beauty products collection of

Your skin is delicate.

Choose only organic products.

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